Bubble tea emoji are coming

At long last, our wait for a bubble tea emoji is finally coming to an end. The Unicode Consortium has announced that the boba emoji will be coming and you'll soon be able to express your love for boba using your keyboard.

Valentine's Day Gifts for your Boba Bae

  Valentine's Day is coming up fast, but don't worry we've got you! Love is love and we know how important it is to s...

Best Boba: Top 10 bubble tea in New York City

Boba is still relatively new to New York City but it's growing nonetheless. Ashley and Jesse of @bobabudz_ share with us their favorite bubble tea shops in the big apple! Check out their top ten boba in NYC

What an 8-Course Boba Meal looks like

Bubble tea lovers, this is the dream! Boba pizza, boba cake, boba croissants... even boba calzones?! Watch Inga Lam f...

Bubble tea gift ideas for 2019 holiday season

The popularity of boba just keeps growing! Since our 2018 holiday gift list, we've seen an explosion of bubble tea r...

If you love wasabi, you'll want to try this new bubble tea

First there was the Pei Pa Kao bubble tea that had everyone shook. Then there was the White Rabbit bubble tea craze that gave everyone the nostalgic feels. Now let us introduce to you wasabi milk tea.

McDonalds is now selling bubble tea in the Philippines

The bubble tea crazy is continuing worldwide as McDonalds in the Philippines have finally caught on. For only P75, you can now get your boba fix at McDonalds with their new Milk Tea McFloat with brown sugar peals. 

Bubble Tea is now being given as a holy offering at Buddhist temples in Thailand

At temples in Thailand, it is customary to make some divine offering, something people often do as a promise for their prayers to be fulfilled. Usually, devotees offer to Nam Daeng, a bright red soda, but people are now offering boba.

Best Boba: Top 10 bubble tea in Vancouver

Vancouver, BC, Canada is another hot spot for boba so Michael and Jurn's have got you covered with their favorite bubble tea shops in and around the city. They love boba so much that he even proposed with bubble tea cups! That's a sign of true Boba Love.

Tokyo now has a theme park for boba lovers

Tokyo Tapioca Land, located in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan is an indoor theme park dedicated to bubble tea. The pop-up, runs until Sept. 16, is said to be the first tapioca theme park in the world.

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with boba moon cakes

Find out where you can pick up some delicious bubble tea mooncakes for your Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. Filled with brown sugar and tapioca pearls, these are sure to please any crowd.

DIY Boba plushie and keychain tutorial

Learn to create your own boba plushie or boba plush keychain with this easy, inexpensive, DIY tutorial. You can take your bubble tea everywhere with you and it won't go bad. They also make great gifts and are highly customizable.

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