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Bubble tea gift ideas for 2019 holiday season

Bubble tea gift ideas for 2019 holiday season

Check out our updated 2021 bubble tea lovers gift guide!

The popularity of boba just keeps growing! Since our 2018 holiday gift list, we've seen an explosion of bubble tea related products. We obviously had to create an updated list for the 2019 holiday season!  

Start planning your list for Black Friday or get a head start on your Christmas/holiday shopping. 


1. Embroidered bubble tea icon crew neck sweatshirt

Embroidered bubble tea icon crew neck sweater

Summer's over so bring on the cozy sweater weather! This stylish crew neck features an embroidered bubble tea patch positioned right over your heart. 

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2. A petite boba keychain

petite boba keychain

These adorable keychains are all hand made with so much love, we absolutely had to include it on our 2019 holiday list! Dorothy also has classes on how to make your own individual resin masterpieces, which would make for a great gift as well. 


3. I love boba finger heart shirt

I love bubble tea shirt

Millennials are apparently bad at talking to people, so we use Korean finger hearts instead. What better way to say I love bubble tea than with this cute shirt

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4. A boba phone case

Boba iPhone case

This is the perfect gift for that friend that's constantly changing up their Apple iPhone or Android case. This deconstructed boba design makes the best present and it's available for a variety of phones. Nothing says "I love boba" like having it in your hand at all times.

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5. Pearl boba tea ambient light

Pearl boba ambient lamp

Could this be any more kawaii? This mini ambient bubble tea light fits in the palm of your hand and the boba pearls actually move around inside. Anyone who gets this as a gift will love you.


6. We bare bears boba airpod cases

We Bare Bears boba AirPod case

Someone decided to take two awesome things and combine them together into something super useful. We Bare Bears is already pretty amazing, but in boba format? as an AirPod case? Try and name a better combo, we bet you can't.


7. A boba backpack

Bubble tea backpack

Holy boba this is a cute one. This mini backpack would be great for any kid, or just that friend that likes cute boba things (no judgement!) 

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8. Boba love letter grid crop hoodie


Show off your love for bubble tea with this letter grid shirt. We love the cute heart shaped boba in the middle!

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9. Boba corgi plushie keychain

Boba corgi plushie keychain

No one would be able to resist this very good boi. This boba corgi plushie keychain will be the best pet you've ever had.


10. Deconstructed boba crew neck

Boba is really pretty simple—ice, toppings, and quality tea. This artsy crew neck will make the best gift for that boba lover in your life.

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BONUS: Holographic boba sticker pack

These are the unicorns of boba. The super pretty holographic sticker will be the perfect addition to any gift for a bubble tea lover. Best part is that all sticker orders get free shipping worldwide!

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