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10 amazing holiday gifts for boba lovers

10 amazing holiday gifts for boba lovers

Check out our updated 2019 bubble tea lovers gift guide!

Looking for a Christmas gift for the boba lover in your life? We rounded up our favorites for you! Whether you need a hostess gift for a casual acquaintance, a cute gift for a friend, or something extremely substantial for the most important person in your life, one of these boba-themed gifts is sure to impress. 

1. A reusable boba carrier

Boba carrier

Nothing says sustainable living like toting your bubble tea around in one of these adorable reusable boba carriers. With so many cute designs from Boba Made, who would ever use another plastic bag again? 

2. A boba corgi enamel pin

Boba corgi enamel pin

Corgis and boba are two of my favorite things, so when I saw this pin I knew it had to be on the list. How cute is this enamel pin from Corgi Things? You can bring it around with you to all your boba adventures.

3. This Boba Love dad hat

Boba Love Dad Hat

Take your boba love on the road with you and keep your head protected at the same time with this dad hat. The embroidered design will let everyone know just how big a boba lover you are.

4. Some reusable bubble tea glass drinking straws

reusable glass straw

Drinking bubble tea is great, but ever straw we throw away harms the environment (think of the sea turtles!) Gift your boba lover one of these reusable glass straws so they can enjoy their boba without feeling guilty.

5. A moisturizing bubble tea sleeping pack

Etude bubble tea sleeping pack

This cute bubble tea sleeping pack is supposed to moisturize and keep your skin beautiful while you sleep. I haven't tried it myself but most of the Amazon reviews look pretty good!  It comes in three "flavors" - strawberry, green tea, and black tea.

6. This bubble tea silicone teether

bubble tea silicone teether

Don't forget the little ones on your gift list! This teether is made of 100% food grade silicone, is BPA, lead, cadmium, phathalates free, and can even be chilled for added relief of your teething toddler. Not to mention, the design is so cute.

7. A boba toppings tee

Bubble Tea Toppings Shirt

Is your boba lover a tapioca purist? Do they prefer the smooth herbal taste of grass jelly? No matter what toppings they like, this shirt will let them show their boba love proudly as they make their boba runs. 

8. A mug for their non-boba tea

alfred tea mug

If I had a choice, boba would be my drink of choice 24/7, but moderation is the key to life. This mug is perfect for a boba lover to use at home for all their other hot beverage choices. The sassy slogan is a plus.

9. Bubble tea printable artwork

printable artwork

Every bubble tea lover should have a print like this. Not only does it showcase a variety of teas and toppings, it's super colorful and sure to brighten up any room. Printable artwork is great because there's no waiting for shipping. This gift is perfect if you're in a time crunch! 

10. A boba tote bag

Bubble Tea Cups tote bag

Tote bags are the most versatile gift. You can use them as a bag for other gifts, or the tote can be the gift itself! Just as versatile is the design, which features boba in all shapes and sizes. 

Check out our updated 2019 bubble tea lovers gift guide!

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