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About Boba Love

My love for boba started when I was young, sneaking my bubble tea into movie theatres and making the experience uniquely my own. It wasn't easy, but all the spilled boba, ruined purses and jackets that needed to be dry cleaned were totally worth it.

It has been incredible to watch the boba scene transform over the last decade. Being in North America meant we were late to the game compared to those in Taiwan and the rest of Asia, but growing up in Toronto gave me more exposure than most. For that, I'm pretty grateful. My own tastes too have evolved from the days of drinking sweet green apple green tea and sesame bobas to now coveting the earthiness of a roasted milk tea with very minimal sugar.

Boba Love is not just the name of my company, but a mentality. With this shop, I hope to unite boba lovers around the globe. In the same way that coffee lovers have a whole culture to honor their drink of choice, bubble tea lovers should have our own as well. No matter where you are or what flavor you drink, boba is a way of life.

boba is life


What I like to order at each boba shop

I usually order my drinks with less ice and 0—30% sugar.

Chatime - Grass jelly roasted milk tea

The Alley - White peach oolong with tapioca

Happy Lemon - Freshly squeezed lemon black tea with tapioca

Tiger Sugar - Brown sugar pearl milk tea

Chaplus - Grapefruit green tea with tapioca

OneZo Tapioca - OneZo grapefruit green tea with homemade rystal or mango tapioca

Ten Ren's Tea - 913 oolong milk tea with gras jelly

YiFang - Yifang fruit tea with tapioca (I ask for no passionfruit)

Kung Fu Tea - 38 Milk King - no honey

Feng Cha - Grapefruit jasmine green tea with tapioca

Coco Fresh Tea - Roasted milk tea with sago

Boba Guys - Black sesame latte with almond milk and boba

Milk + Tea - Black tea a la mode (Ice cream black tea)

Come Buy - Hong Kong style milk tea with bubble

Alfred's Tea - Boba hojicha milk tea

This list is in no particular order


Founded in 2018 

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