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10 Boba-Themed Holiday Gifts for a Bubble Tea Obsessive

10 Boba-Themed Holiday Gifts for a Bubble Tea Obsessive


The last couple years have been pretty crazy, but we're back with our top picks for boba-themed items that will help you plan for your holiday season! 


1. A boba candle

Boba candle

These are the unicorns of boba. The super pretty holographic sticker will be the perfect addition to any gift for a bubble tea lover. Best part is that all sticker orders get free shipping worldwide!


2. Boba Ugly Christmas Sweater

Boba Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become one of those traditions that just brings joy to everyone. They're great approachable party themes or perfect for secret santa gifts! Of course we had to include this boba themed Ugly Christmas Sweater on our list.

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3. A boba pencil case

Boba pencil case

This compact "foldable" pencil case is perfect for the artist on your life that is always on the go! Store your stationary items away in this cute little case.


4. A boba-themed card game



I was so excited when this Kickstarter came out that I had to support it immediately. I've since played the game numerous times and everyone always loves it. It's easy to learn and quick to play. If you like Monopoly Deal, you'll love this game!


5. A cozy Taiwanese snacks blanket 


Taiwan is the birth place of bubble tea! This super cozy blanket features some of the many amazing (and affordable!) snacks that Taiwan has to offer, including (of course) bubble tea)

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6. A crochet boba plushie

Crochet boba plushie 

Handmade one of a kind gifts are always the nicest gesture. The time and care put into each one of these crochet plushies will surely tell your loved one how much you care!


7. A boba bucket hat

Boba bucket hat

What's old is new again! Bucket hats are finally back in style and I for one am I so excited for this. Get this retro fit with an embroidered bubble tea patch 

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8. A boba plant pot

Boba plant pot

The first step to adulting is to start collecting plants. What better way to do that than to start with this cute boba planter?


9. A bubble tea cookie cutter

 Bubble tea cookie cutter

Bring out your inner baker with these boba cookie cutters! Perfect on its own or use it as a template for some decorating icing.


10. Boba fleece sweatpants

Boba sweatpants

COVID really changed all of our lives, especially fashion. Sweatpants made a huge come back so of course we need to have some boba sweats.

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