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Valentine's Day Gifts for your Boba Bae

Valentine's Day Gifts for your Boba Bae


Valentine's Day is coming up fast, but don't worry we've got you! Love is love and we know how important it is to show your partner or significant other just how much you care. Here's our 2020 list of perfect gifts for your bubble tea loving boba bae. 


1. Holographic boba sticker pack

These are the unicorns of boba. The super pretty holographic sticker will be the perfect addition to any gift for a bubble tea lover. Best part is that all sticker orders get free shipping worldwide!

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2. Bubble tea washi tape

Bubble tea washi tape

We're a huge fan of washi tape and this one is the cutest! We use it on all our sticker orders and we love how it features different bubble tea from different places! Each one is hand illustrated to cute perfection.


3. Pearl boba tea plush slides

Pearl Boba Tea Plush Slides

Like any good Asian, you need to have slippers to wear around the house. Your bae will love walking around in these super comfy plush slides. Who wouldn't want to see their slippers smiling back at them?


4. An embroidered boba dad hat

Embroidered bubble tea dad hat

Your boba bae would look stylin' in this embroidered bubble tea dad hat. Perfect for spring as the weather gets warmer!

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5. Studio Ghibli Totoro Boba Enamel Pin

 Studio Ghibli Totoro Boba

We're a huge fan of Xiu Mai and her boba enamel pins! She has a whole series of Studio Ghibli boba designs, as well as Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, and more! 


6. A bubble tea greeting card

 Bubble Tea Greeting Card

Of course you need a card to go with your gift! We love this one from The Branch and the Vine. The illustration is super cute and the hand lettered typography is perfect.


7. Distorted Boba Liquid Glitter iPhone Case

 Liquid Glitter Boba iPhone Case

Who doesn't love a fun iPhone case to dress up their phone? This case combines liquid glitter and a hand lettered boba font. Super fun to play with when you're bored in class!

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8. Bubble Tea Making Kit

 Bubble Tea Making Kit

Your bae loves to drink boba, so maybe she will love making it at home too! This kit comes with everything you need to make your own tapioca balls as well as tea, fat straws, and handy instructions.


9. Bubble Tea Board/Card Game

 Bubble Tea Board Card Game

Does your boba bae love board games or card games? Then this gift would be perfect for them! Players race to serve customers their bubble tea drinks and whoever can serve the fastest and most accurate wins! 


10. Korean Finger Heart Boba Hoodie

Korean Finger Heart Boba Hoodie

Keep your boba bae warm and cozy with this Korean Finger Heart Boba hoodie. It will tell everyone how much they love boba, and tell them how much you love him/her.

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10. A super cute corgi boba cup holder

Corgi Boba Cup Holder

Get your boba and be good to the environment too! Your boba bae won't be able to resist saying "I love you" when you gift them this super kawaii corgi boba holder (make sure there's a boba in it duh!). They're all hand made and perfect for your boba

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