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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with boba moon cakes

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with boba moon cakes

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up again, (It's Friday, September 13, 2019 for all you millennials out there. Don't forget to call your moms!) so naturally it's time to start buying mooncakes. As fellow boba lovers, we've got you covered with where you can buy bubble tea mooncakes.

Casahana has created a new twist on the humble mooncake to what they call Brown Sugar Tea Au Lait mooncake.

Brown Sugar Tea Au Lait mooncake

These mooncakes are made of a creamy milk tea paste and are filled with gooey brown sugar lava and real tapioca pearls inside. This is something so unique, I can't wait to try it! 

As anyone who enjoys mooncakes know, how it looks on the outside is just as important as the taste. Casahana has beautifully decorated the mooncakes with cute bunnies drinking bubble tea.

Bubble tea mooncake

Boba milk tea mooncake

Bubble tea mooncake design

These mooncakes can be purchased online or through their Facebook page. They're also available at all Casahana outlets around Asia.  

All photos are from the Casahana Facebook page
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