Tokyo now has a theme park for boba lovers

Two years ago when I visited Tokyo, there was only one or two bubble tea shops in the entire city. When I visited again this past spring, there were bubble tea shops everywhere. Bubble tea is growing in popularity worldwide and now boba lovers have their very own theme park. 

Tokyo Tapioca Land, located in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan is an indoor theme park dedicated to bubble tea. The pop-up, which opened on Aug. 13 and will be up until Sept. 16, is said to be the first tapioca theme park in the world.

But let's be real. This "theme park" is nothing more than one of a growing trend of "Instagram museums" aimed at influencers looking for their next gram photo. There's an oversized tapioca ball pit, bubble tea decor, and bubble tea themed photo booths.



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