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Freebie: Holiday tags

Freebie: Holiday tags

Don't run out of gift tags this year, just print your own!

I've created this set of boba-themed holiday tags for you to use on all your gifts this season! Simply download, print, and they're ready to use. They're designed to fit on a sheet of 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, so they can be printed from your printer at home. You can also take them to your local print shop and the file is ready to print.

I recommend printing them on a thick card stock for best results and cutting with a ruler and sharp exacto knife. To finish, punch a hole at the top and add ribbon as you'd like.

holiday gift tags

Feel free to print them as many times as you'd like and share with your friends as well. All I ask is that you don't redistribute them as your own and definitely don't sell them for money. 

Download the holiday tags

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