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Boba Milk Tea Cake

Boba Milk Tea Cake

I came across this video on Instagram not too long ago and needless to say, I became obsessed with the idea of eating a boba cake. That frosting flop is so perfect and the way the tapioca pearls just fall over so effortlessly is just fantastic.


I started looking around for possible recipes to try and came across this recipe for Boba Milk Tea Cake by Maryanne at The Little Epicurean

I'm so excited to try this for myself, but in the meantime I wanted to share the recipe with you all. Hopefully I'll have photos of my own to share one day :9

Boba Milk Tea Cake

Boba Milk Tea Cake ingredients

Boba Milk Tea Cake layers

Boba Milk Tea Cake crumb coat

Boba Milk Tea Cake add tapioca

Boba Milk Tea Cake

Boba Milk Tea Cake

Click to see the full recipe at The Little Epicurean

If you've never made your own boba before, don't be alarmed! Maryanne has some great tips on how to handle the tapioca and how you should dress the cake with it. I also love that she has a section on where to buy tapioca, in case you're unfamiliar. 

Happy baking! If any of you try making this cake, tag me in your photos on Instagram so I can see how they turned out! I can't wait to see them.

All images © The Little Epicurean

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