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Bubble Tea is now being given as a holy offering at Buddhist temples in Thailand

Bubble Tea is now being given as a holy offering at Buddhist temples in Thailand

Don't be alarmed if you see bubble tea at Buddhist temples on your next visit to Thailand. Love for boba is now transcending beyond this world and are being offered as holy offerings. The Taiwanese tea-based drink is being presented to the Gods in all varieties. 



At temples in Thailand, it is customary to make some divine offering, something people often do as a promise for their prayers to be fulfilled. Usually, devotees offer to Nam Daeng, a bright red soda, but probably, as pointed out by one Twitter user, "The gods also drink bubble tea. They're bored of Nam Daeng.”

Meanwhile, replies to the trending tweet feature people talking about why they decided to bestow the gods with bubble tea—from a girl who gave five cups of bubble tea to a Lord Ganesha idol for granting her wish to another doing so for getting the job she gunning for.




In Thailand, where more than 93 per cent are Buddhists, it is common for devotees to make food offerings during prayers as a way to connect with the spiritual world or as thanksgiving if they prayers were answered. 

The comments which were mostly hilarious, included responses such as “Aren’t you afraid you are going to be broke?” while others warmed up to the suggestion saying it was “a very good idea”. 

As traditions pass into modern times, we may not always stick to the old ways. These days, the offerings have “upgraded” from the usual floral garlands to everyone’s favorite milk tea—even though the gods can’t really touch them.

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