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Best Boba: Top 10 bubble tea in Phoenix

Best Boba: Top 10 bubble tea in Phoenix

Welcome to our Best Boba series! In these posts, I will be inviting foodies and bubble tea lovers from different cities around the world to give us their favorite boba spots in their city.  Here's Phoenix, Arizona for you.


Sweet Kicks

1. SweetKicks

937 E Broadway Rd, Unit 1. Tempe, AZ

This place is on our list because they sell yummy flavors of bubble tea in adorable bear cups! The best part is that they also sell awesome Kicks and other goodies. You can sip and shop!



2. Bubbleology

1050 S Terrace Rd, Ste 112. Tempe, AZ

We love the design of this place. We are obsessed with their bubble waffle, gelato, and their drinks. This boba shop is a franchise from London.


Sumo Snow

3. Sumo Snow

16487 W Bell Rd, Ste 105. Surprise, AZ

Sumo Snow is located in Surprise, Arizona and serves a wide variety of milk teas, slushies, flavored tea, citrus drinks, cold brews, and Asian desserts such as shaved snow! You can add flavored boba to any drink or dessert!



4. Teacup

13000 W Indian School Rd, Ste A-14. Litchfield Park, AZ

Teacup is a family owned business that serves good quality boba. They use housemade ingredients! Their churro with soft serve ice cream and popcorn chicken with their signature sauce is also what gets us excited.


Milk Run

5. Milk Run

1702 W Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ

Milk Run serves bubble tea floats that are to die for ! You can add any boba and any flavored ice cream they provide. They also have a local favorite dessert called the Pandan Waffle which is topped off with strawberries, kiwi, condensed milk, and powdered sugar.


Pop N Tea

6. Pop N Tea

550 W McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ

Home of the Gelato Diamond bars, Pop N Tea also serves smoothies, slushies and tea! The “Malibu Most Wanted” is what keeps us coming back. A creamy smoothie with pineapple, coconut, and strawberry bits.



7. Snoh

914 E Camelback Rd #4B, Phoenix, AZ

Snoh serves yummy shaved ice and boba! Popular flavors that we enjoy is their Cotton Candy snoh and the “Zookeeper”. The Zookeeper has strawberry snoh and is topped off with circus animals crackers, oreos cookies, and condensed milk.



8. Ruze

7033 E Main St, Ste 100. Scottsdale, AZ

Ruze Cake House doesn't just serve pastries and macarons. They also serve some boba! And here's the best part: they top it off with cotton candy! Ruze is located in Old Town Scottsdale.


Tea Swirl 

9. Tea Swirl

725 S Rural Rd, Ste 117. Tempe, AZ

Tea Swirl is a great boba shop to visit and study since it is near ASU. You can choose from tons of add-ins and options, including different kinds of boba, ice level ,and sweetness level.


Kung Fu Tea

10. Kung Fu Tea

425 S Mill Ave, Ste 109. Tempe, AZ

We love this place because it is a good boba shop to stop by if you are planning to explore and shop around in Downtown Tempe. t's also modern and has an open atmosphere which is a great place to hang out. The boba is made fresh every 2 hours and they mix it in a honey syrup that is delicious.


About the Authors

Hello! We are Rachel and Joe a.k.a Bobacouple

We first began exploring new boba places around the Phoenix Metropolitan area when we started dating. We especially enjoyed going to boba tea cafes, gourmet bakeries, and other dessert establishments. As part of our routine when trying new boba shops, we would photograph the yummy beverages right before we began drinking.. We decided to post our foodie pictures on Instagram, and we were surprised by the strongly supportive reception we got from the foodie community. Our foodie hobby continued to flourish from then on.

Rachel’s favourite bubble tea: Honeydew or Jasmine Milk tea with boba

Joe's favourite bubble tea: Mango slush with mango popping boba


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